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Amanda Gray Website!

I am so pleased to be able to roll out this new website, a new look for the home of my music. As I grow as a songwriter, musician, and new mother I find that I gravitate towards the more simplistic side of life - family time, hard work, respect, love... My music tends to reflect the same principles. I'm no longer a young girl with a need to fit in to an ever-changing scene. I'm paving my own path.

Huge thanks to Rachel Cameron and Cameron Digital Imaging for turning my ramblings into a piece of art. Same goes for the amazingly talented Lorie Walton Photography. I'm a songwriter, I should be able to vocalize the vision I have in my head, but Lord knows I was all over the place when we first started this thing. :)

Time to fill this little piece of web space with more music. I believe I hear Nashville calling...

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