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And I Thought 2017 Was Busy...

2018 came out swinging. I received an email announcing that I've been nominated for a SAMMIES award! Every year, SN&R asks readers and local music experts to nominate their favorite local performers. I received enough nominations that I made their list.

Which means...

I need your vote! Please take a minute to vote for me and to check out the other fantastic artists who are nominated. Just click the link below to vote, and then click "Country / Americana / Alt-Country." I'm the first name on the list (thanks Ma, for the "A" name). <3


Here's a look at what your ballot would look like:

The rest of the year is shaping up to be just as busy, if not busier, than 2017. Recap: I played over 150 shows last year throughout California. It was crazy, exciting, exhausting, and addicting. I'm hoping to branch out more this year, so if you hear of any interesting venues in the following states, let me know: Oregon - Nevada - Utah - Arizona - Washington - New Mexico

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