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I Just Got Told No... Again

Yep. I just got told NO again...

It happens (and not just my by two year old). In fact, it happens a LOT. And sometimes it really sucks. But sometimes, I remember why I get told "NO" All. The. Time.

(And by the way, I'm totally not exaggerating.)

It's because there's not a single week that goes by that I don't send an email, make a phone call, submit an application to an event to play music. I search Facebook. I work by referral. I post on Craigslist. I browse websites with all the links and entertainment director information for fairs, festivals, and annual concerts. I stop by venues and drop off CDs. I mail promo packets to the same fair and promoter that told me no the year before (ehm, CIP).

Seriously... it's ridiculous how much of my time is spent on bookings and promotion. (The beautiful business side of music.)

See, it's because I put myself out there so much that I get told NO a whole lot. And why wouldn't I? The amount of talent in the Sacramento area alone is unreal. It doesn't make me sad anymore, or mad anymore when I don't get the gig. I don't blame anyone else and I certainly don't stop submitting applications to perform at events.

You can't ask fans and venues to believe in you if you don't really believe in yourself. If you're not willing to put yourself out there, take that chance and get told NO a few times, you're not being faithful to your craft and ultimately, to your heart. And you're never going to get told YES.

I'm completely happy to continue playing my local shows, working my tail off on my songwriting, and sending out emails just to get 100 No's and that one magical Yes.

Whatever you do in life, whatever your passion is, ask yourself if you're really giving it your all... or if you're spending too much time being afraid of one little word.

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