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Livin' The Good Life At Swabbies This Saturday!

One of my favorite places (let's be honest - one of EVERYONE'S favorite places) is back open and ready for business this weekend.

Swabbies. I'm talking about Swabbies, y'all.

Check out this cute video they just posted on Facebook (do I hear Chris singing some Eminem here?)

Although the big three band show isn't until April 15th (this year on Saturday due to Easter), I'm excited to be playing at Swabbies THIS Saturday with my good friend Gary Blodgett from Big Trouble. Gonna be awesome.

If you're looking for somewhere scenic to ride to this Saturday, some place to chill out with the family, come out to Swabbies. We start taking requests and laying down the tunes at 1PM.

Also, don't miss out on the big show in April!!! Check out the Facebook event, RSVP, and share the flyer below.

Swabbies Flyer

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