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A Good Year For A Blank Page

I'm a little torn on what to call this blog post, so the title may change a few times until I get it right. It must be perfection. It's the songwriter in me... ;) Probably that same part of me that's looking at this new year with an open heart, ready to write a new song for 2017.

Let's all be honest. 2016 was waaaay overrated. Super hyped up in 2015 and it didn't feel like we reached full potential. I know I didn't. I played over 100 shows - crazy! Most months, I felt a little

And while I love playing live, I wanted so badly to make that trip to Nashville and record my solo EP. That just wasn't in the cards last year. However, this year I'm heading into 2017 with a clear plan of what I hope to accomplish.

My little list of dreams, I call it:

• Blog more - written, videos, live on-site. I'm doing it all, baby.

• Start a mailing list - Jack Ingram told me eight years ago to start one, and I feel like it's finally time I took that good advice and actually used it.

• Record my solo EP - I'm "Covered In Rust". It's who I am. And it needs to be translated to record, somehow, someway. I'm making it happen.

• Pursue my true dream job - becoming a professional songwriter. Taking the steps I need to get to where I'm going. &

• Love more

• Worry less

By being a little more organized with MY life, I'm hoping to be more in tune (haha, get it?) with what I need to do to realize my goals. Will you help me? I need support and guidance and someone to tell me when I need to get my shit together because I WILL fall off track. ;) Maybe instead of that crazy lady above I'll be a little more chill.

(Join my new mailing list above)

Happy New Year!!

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