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Who Run The World?

I'm self-admittedly a huge fan of women musicians. Boys in the music biz - I love ya and you're awesome. I fully support you. However, I feel like women in the industry are overlooked and underappreciated. The only way I know to combat this as a fellow female artist is to throw my full support behind the ladies.

One such artist that is making waves and made a huge impact on me is Kate Steinway. This "wayfaring woman" is magical - her songs, superb. She's got a way with lyrics and an intense truth within her stories. I'm such a fan.

Kate just released the first single from her upcoming EP and I have to say, this is my favorite of hers thus far. In fact, I've already asked if I can cover the tune at my shows. (I mean, I'm a bit of a hurricane myself.)

Purchase "Hurricane" here --

Use special code "AMANDAGRAY10" for 10% off the single download

Visit Kate's Facebook here --

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