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"Causing" A Stir...

I had this whole blog post planned out.

I would record a video (probably an original song, but maybe one of my favorite covers). I'd embed the video into this email. Write a fancy, cute, personal little note about said song and yay! Blog post for February complete.

And then it happened...

I found out that I was getting locked up. I never expected it. I certainly don't think my Momma did either (the song "Mama Tried" comes to mind). But yes, me, behind bars AND my husband right along with me.

Luckily, we won't be there long. An hour, in fact - and (like any good penitentiary) they'll feed us, too.

This is all happening this Thursday in an effort to raise awareness and money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. MDA holds yearly lock-up events in which participants are nominated and must "raise bail" money to get released.

I feel very strongly about diseases like Muscular Dystrophy and ALS. I've known people, close friends, affected by these diseases. I've lost people that were dear to me to these diseases. I'm hopeful that by participating, I can help raise awareness.

So, instead of my music video, I'm attaching the ice bucket challenge video that I made a few years ago. Also, a link to where you can donate (if you're able). No judgement if you can't - times are tough and I'm right there with you if you're struggling to pay your own bills much less donate to another cause. But if you can, and you're willing, send through $1 or $5 or $10... those little amounts really tend to add up. :)

Link to donate:

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