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I Feel Like I'm Always Searching...

So I did it! I made a video within the first month of the new year AND as a bonus, I wrote a new song. NY resolution = on point.

If you've ever been to a show or had a conversation with me about songwriting, you know that I simply write what I know. I write from my heart, I write from my happiness, I write from my fears... I write from my fears a lot.

This is called "Searching For You Again" because I feel like I'm always searching for one thing in particular, especially as I get older. A relationship that I feel has eluded me because to be honest, I haven't put the time in or done my part yet. Relationships are two way streets no matter what; you have to be actively involved to make them work.

I'm still searching. Always. This is my new song, lyrics below. It's a work in progress... ha, kind of like I am...

Searching For You Again

I don’t have a single thing figured out

Thought I’d have a better plan than I do now

I’m still struggling to find my way to higher ground

Here I am, searching for you again.

Friends I love, and people that I’ve barely met

Ask me how I am and how we came to this

They say I’ve been distant, but they don’t get

That’s just me, searching for you again

I’ve been runnin’ headfirst into the dark

Welcomed sorrow like an old friend I’d forgot

And I’ve been prayin’ to feel your warmth again in my heart

Like a sign that I’m not lost

I’ve been to the river and to your church

I’ve knelt by my bed and fallen on the dirt

I kept pushing through it even when it hurts

That’s just me, searching for you again

I’ll keep getting up and I’ll keep stumblin’,

Lord, that’s just me, searching for you again

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